Salon Sin’claire.

Dacota Stratton-Sin’claire is the owner, and Ainsley de Loughry is her other stylist.

Of course there is a wash room with sinks which is covered by black and white beads, and a tiny bathroom!

Come visit the girls anytime!

Vie will go nowhere else! :P

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Oh myyyyyy

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Guys. My mobile eats my responses to your asks sometimes….but thank you all for the kind words. I was so nervous about posting that prompt but the response has been overwhelmingly positive and I am just so flattered

So thank you. I love you all. :)
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So many A's! You're incredible<3
- lovedacota


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A! I love your writing style. -Nambra
- Anonymous
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- vielynne


Baby girl, the club can’t even handle us right now because A++++++++++++++++ for you, internet waifu.

All my ♡

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A= Vie is very well fleshed out, and her constant misadventures through life make me chuckle
- tyverus

Awwww thank you

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A = Awesome! You’re amazing! Are you even real??
- vonkriegg

Omg :D

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OH YOU. Thank you, flatterer.

(Also, A to you too.)

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How do you like my writing? Grade me!


A = Awesome! You’re amazing! Are you even real??

B = Pretty badass. Keep it up.

C = Not bad, not bad. Room for improvement, but I like it.

D = The efforts there, but you need more practice. But don’t give up!

F = Have you ever sat through an language class before?

meh.. be nice!

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Vielynne Ashsinger